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 Photography featuring Mack the Adventure Pug in his natural habitats.

See_ Svelte and skinnies
When you is finding out the moons is not
A little #throwbackthursday🔙 to warmer
Sorry for the absence - my paws is tied.
What is you doing to work up the appetit
When you is so happy that even your tong
Sorry for the delay in posts - was on th
That self-satisfied feelings I is hasing
When you is out and sees your hooman wit
To get the best photos, you is really ha
Spent yesterday feeling as small as #Mac
Teeny tiny #tot👅 - I is usually going b
#tbt🔙📸 to being on the run from the la
I is hearing that autumn is like a secon
🍂Friday foliage 🍂with #MackTheAdventur
Needing more proofs I is not overweighte
When every day in SoCals is starting to
If dogs is sweating through our tongues,
When Monday starts, but your shower's wa
Fun fact about animal psychology in maze
When you is checking one last times that
When you is summiting before your friend
If my head is in the clouds and I is has
When Mother Nature dresses for the Holid
Lunch time on #TongueOutTuesday_ Don't f
#tbt to following treatses on the horizo
#MountainMondays - the only acceptable M
When you is hearing your human swear in
Mondays_ the sandstorms that is unexpect
I is hearing that Forrest Gumps runs thi
When you is finding a high quality rock
A rare sighting of the Gold Breasted Red
Tunnel practices_ aka how to escapes fro
When you remembers you is hasing a 3-day
“We is starting from the bottom, but now
❤Sweet dreamses, send treatses
_Noggin sponsored by Snack Diamonds - be
_Confidence_ fakes it till you makes it!
The endangered Wild Goggled Desert Pug i
_The second you is lays down after the w
_Sunroof Sundays - the day we is making
_Throwing back Thursdays to my first adv
_I is hearing that the Santa Claus is li
Wrinkles is fine, but if your skin is lo
Thomas Jefferson one time saids that one
If we is sacrifices the rights to bear a
🎵Squish-faced Mack hunts for desert sna
Breaking out of the shackles of Monday l
George Orwell once saids that happiness
_With this heat, I is starting to prefer
Mmm...peering into nature’s donut
_Anthony D'Angelo is one time says to sm
_To experience the tastes and the smells
_We is taking in the new home in the Cal
When Monday comes sooner than you is exp
_The tall ones is the ripe ones, yes__ �
_Please to accept my apologizings for my
_Finallys - time to sits! Monday..
_If those is the Sky High Lakes, and we
_We is coming back here, rights_ The num
_This trees is about to crashes, and so
_Nadine Gordimer is one times saids that
_It is not the mountains we is conquerin
That hike when I thinks I is hearing the
That feeling when you get home on Monday
The Wild Snacking Pug stalks his prey in
_Sometimes it is being Tongue Outside Tu
_Why these is called 'slot canyons,' aga
_HOPES_ we is at the halfway point, peop
When you is feeling lazy and ‘going outs
_Safety first when you is climbs! Helmet
When you is leaving works 7 hours early
_Mmm...the weekends
_Hm_ What's that_ Monday_ Uh no, thanks
_Albert Schweitzer is one times says tha
When bae borrows the car and is forgets
The ancient Native American food diarys
_The view from Moro Rockses, with the Sa
That face you is making when your Monday
When your mom drops you off at school an
That face you get when the ups and downs
When the world seems dark and gray and t
When you keep trying to post to Insta bu
_Pugorillas in the mists! Is you gets it
_If you is never takes the time to refle
_Outrage. Angers. Cranky-pants
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