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 Mack the Adventure Pug

Mack the Adventure Pug was born in West Covina, California before meeting his human and relocating to Venice Beach, where his boundless energy saw him complete many evening beach jogs to the Santa Monica Pier. Mack found a love for hiking while living in Maine, where the steady hand-to-mouth flow of treats on trail kept him coming back for more. Mack currently resides in Riverside, California where he enjoys the diverse landscapes found throughout the state. His hobbies include eating treats, watching sunsets from mountaintops, and sneezing in the faces of those he loves. He prefers people to dogs, yawns when he's happy, and barks like a broken bicycle horn when reunited with beloved friends. Mack hopes to influence other pugs (and any other underdogs out there!) to live active and healthy lifestyles.

Mack's Hooman

Nate Rogers hails originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, where he lived for ten years before moving west to California. Though Nate found his love for the outdoors while living on the West Coast, he only discovered photography while completing his schooling in New England. Weekends were spent in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire, where he especially delighted in photographing the twilight hours from mountaintops. The most beautiful hours of the day, however, also happen to be some of the least popular for hiking, and Nate found himself wanting when it came to hiking partners for sunset summits. Realizing that his four-legged friend could fit in his backpack, Nate took Mack for a hike up Franconia Ridge and kept his pack as a backup plan. Mack summitted with his own four legs and only stubbornly accepted the backpack (MackPack?) ride down the mountain. With that, Nate found his favorite hiking buddy and new favorite subject to photograph - Mack the Adventure Pug!

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